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MINI 0.05 Cashmere Russian Lash Trays

MINI 0.05 Cashmere Russian Lash Trays

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Want To Try Our Lashes Without Breaking The Bank? 🤭💸

Introducing Mini Trays… 4 Strips Of Lashes (11-14mm), Perfect For Trying & Testing Our Lashes 🫶

Want Dark, Fluffy, Lightweight AND Easy To Fan Lashes? Look No Further Than Our 0.05 Cashmere Russian Lashes…

Here At MILASHES UK, We Stock The Highest Quality Products But At An Affordable Price Range For All Techs…From Beginner To Advanced.

All Our Standard Lash Trays Have 16 Strips To Ensure YOU Get The Most BANG For Your BUCK 💸

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